Fetish Fantasy Silicone Bondage Kit

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You can take control of the sissy of yours and make him do what you say…

Product Description
Fetish Fantasy Extreme Silicone Bondage Kit. The perfect all-in-one silicone bondage kit! When your fetish play demands the most extreme materials, only the Fetish Fantasy Extreme Silicone Bondage Kit will do! Made from our award-winning medical-grade Elite Silicone, this all-in-one bondage kit is perfect for beginners, but strong enough to satisfy even the most experienced fetish enthusiasts! Just one touch of the ultra-smooth silicone and you will agree: the super-silky material feels great against the skin and it’s made to play hard! Every component of this ultimate bondage kit was designed with comfort and performance in mind. From the sturdy silicone straps on the ball gag to the heavy duty metal hardware on the cuffs and collar, we dare you to try and escape from this revolutionary restraint kit! The body-safe silicone will not irritate your skin or leave a bad taste in your mouth like other rubber gags. The adjustable wrist cuffs are large enough to double as ankle restraints, and the heavy duty leash and cuffs feature industrial grade metal D-rings and connecting clips. You control when and how often your subject can speak or move.

What happens next is up to you! All Elite Silicone toys are phthalate-free, latex free, ultra hygienic, and easy to clean after the fun. The ball gag is dishwasher safe, while the cuffs and collar can be gently cleaned using Pipedream Toy Cleaner and warm water. Kit includes: Silicone Collar, Silicone Ball Gag, Silicone Wrist Restraints, Metal Leash.Package Depth 4 inches. Package Width 6.25 inches. Package Height 15 inches. Packaged Weight 2 pounds. Package Type Box. Features and Functions: Silicone, Phthalates Free, Unisex. Materials: Silicone, Metal, Vinyl. Country of origin China. Pipedream Products Catalog featured in 2013 Fetish Fantasy Extreme page 16.
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High Heels


I have walked a many of miles in these shoes.


New Life

New Life

 30 years now!

I have walked out there, trying hard to live as a woman, because I wanted to live with some kind of peace of mind.

For years now I have tried to come to some kind of safe place to be, in my life, but I am not sure that there is or ever will be one. I know that when I was 15 and knew what I was, that, there was not chance then, but what about now ?

 Do we have a chance to live with the same peace of mind that you live with ? Can we be like everyone else, free to live the way that is best for us, not you, but for us.

Mistress Jenna Horn / Madame Jacqueline Horn

Mistress Jenna Horn / Madame Jacqueline Horn

It seems like every time we go out in public, someone feels that they have some kind of God given right to judge another human being.

Who gave them that right ?

If I remember right, I think that it say’s in your great book called the (Bible). Thy shall not Judge. For God is the only one with that right.

Are you God ?

Well, That sound’s good to me, but why don’t the people that

                                           (preach it, teach it?)

Why, because they do not believe in their own God, they think that because they say “I believe in God, that I now can treat anyone else the way I choose to treat them, because I am better than Them.”

I really don’t think that God had that in mind. When he said not to judge, I think he meant that we should at any cost to our selves

Be kind!

Be Truthful!

Be Trusting!

Be Worthy!

Of the Love that you get when you reach out to another human being.

Madame Jacqueline

Madame Jacqueline

Until I  stopped and took a good look at my own life, did I see all that was around me. Things are not always as you may see them. It is easy to hide the truth of it all, to put on a fake face and tell the world that you are a Shemale or a Trannie, but can you do it by being true-full ? Can you look into someones eyes and tell them the truth ?

Well if you cannot do that then there is something wrong.

Maybe you are wondering what it is that I am doing here?

Well I am sharing the reality of our live’s to show you that all things are not what they seem to be.

Mistress Jenna Horn

Mistress Jenna Horn

Just because we are Shemale/Trannie’s does not make us no less as good as yourself, If I were to wear pants I would have to put them on the same way that you do, but I just don’t like pants as much as you, so what ?

We are sitting here trying to find what it is that we do, that you will enjoy?

We love to play Music!  Will you listen to us?

We love to Dance!  Will you Dance with us ?

We love to make you laugh! Will you laugh with us?

We love to make you cry! Will you cry with us ?

I never know who reads my writing’s and I never know if I have done any good by writing, I can only hope that some how, some where, someone has been helped by my words. I am not by far the best writer that I can be, but like everything else in our live’s we have to work very hard at being the best that we can be.







 Never Give Up

Never Give Up

   Mistress Jenna & Madame Jacqueline

Hi, today, like everyday, is a new wake up call. We have to get our ass up out of the nice big bed, just to have to deal with what life will shove down our throats.

You may not have that problem in your life, because you are just a man or a woman. We are in the middle of being either one, so We have to get our heads and our minds thinking about the same things.

I am The Queen of this World

I am The Queen of this World

What will I ever, so wear today? That is what I ask myself everyday. You see I can be either one, or be both, at the same time,

Wait, no, no, we can’t do that.

That would make us  cross dressers, We are not one of those guy’s, but yet maybe that is all we are to you, just  guy’s in  dress’s.

You see, that is how most people would look at us. Just another couple of men in  dress’s. We are not just that, We are much more.We are human being’s with rights and the courage to step into our heels and march our ass right out there into their face’s.

Never Give Up

Never Give Up

We just did a new cooking show, I will be working on that to get it out on YouTube, so we can post it. I am sorry that everything we are doing has to be recorded  for our records.  As owners of these videos and our music, we have the right to try and control as much as possible.

I remember the days when my life was easy,  I didn’t have to deal with all the hate and hurt that I do now.

You know?

Just think of how easy it would be for me.

No stress,

No hate,

No Bullshit.

I could have every well just stayed as a male and went on with my life, that would have been the easy part, you would think, right. Well I am sorry to tell you that you are wrong, because I tried that for years, and I know for sure that I made the right choice.

Every time I look in my mirror I see the most Beautiful person that I could want to be. If for some reason I would look any other way,

I would not be me.

I am one of a kind,

I am the best that I can be,

At every thing I do.

I am Beautiful

I am Beautiful

Some times I to sit here and wonder about God.

Is he really there for us?

When we pray?

Are we praying to him, or for our self, because we want something out of him?

I am not sure about what it is all about, but I do know that every one needs something or some one to believe in.

I have no doubt about life after death is real. I believe that the more you do to fill the hearts and feed the soul of others, you will live forever in the hearts and minds of all those that you have touched. Have you touched some one’s soul lately with a love that can not be topped by anything else. It does not have to be a mate in a relationship,  maybe just a friend that is troubled by something they can not tell you because they are afraid that it will cost them the friendship.

I know what it is like to have what I would have called my friends just walk right out of my life because I choose to show my true colors.

Think about this. All your life you have lived as a male, you have lots of friends, and you own your own business,  then you wake up, and find yourself needing to be some one else, because the transgender side of you has awaken and you find yourself wanting to be a girl.

Well the first thing that will happen is that all those so called friends will walk away from you, believe me they will. They will stop talking to you, then they will not want to be seen with you. They will not allow themselves the chance to get to know the softer side of you.

(The Stairway To Heaven)

(The Stairway To Heaven)

And why is that ?

Oh, yes, this is what it is all about. They will shun you all in the name of association. They will think that for some reason every one will think that they are gay just because they know us, that is so sad that people have to think like that.

You know something?

I can talk to a black person,

That will not make me black.

I can talk to a fool,

but that does not make me a fool.

Just because you know some one that is like me, does not make you a Shemale

It has taken me years to get to  call myself a Shemale.

   Shemale                                                               Tranny

Madame Jacqueline Horn

Madame Jacqueline Horn

Mistress Jenna Horn

Mistress Jenna Horn

Lady’s and Gentlemen

I am The Queen of this world!

I have earned the right to make that claim.

I have paid my due’s.

I owe no man anything.

Today I share my life with a Tranny,  named Madame Jacqueline, together we stand for the right to be Free and live as we choose to live, Men in mini skirts.

Men In Mimi Skirts

Men In Mimi Skirts

Written by Mistress Jenna Horn/ Bobbie Jean Chiasson

Dedicated to Madame Jacqueline.

For the love and understanding that I get form you.




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Green Monster

Green Monster       AIPTEK

Today I think I will tall about an experience that I had today with my girl. We are trying to set up a time for us to shoot some photo’s of each other. Well as you know it’s not just about the outfit’s that the person will be wearing, but also about the attitude of the person, whom I will refer to as the model form here on, because yes, we are both models.

She had gotten all ready and if I do say so myself, she was looking pretty damn hot. I guest that is when the little green monster came out in me and I got angry and was pissed because of the what she had dressed. Not realizing what I had just done. I still want to try and go on with the photo shoot as planed. That is when I, as the Photographer had a real problem.

Because of what I had said and the actions that I had taken, I had just lost my model. Now this is when I knew the mistake that I had just made. As the photographer I needed a model. She was all ready and the mood was set for her. I screwed it up with my attitude, so now her mood was gone.

We tried to go on and take some photos, hoping that we could savage what I had do. Well it’s not that easy to fix. The mood was gone for my little model and I had cause more damage then good. I tried hard to capture her, yet all I could see was the hurt and pain that I had just cause her.

If there is a lesson to learn from this then I guest I just learned it. Don’t piss of the model.

Jackie I will say here and Now that I am sorry for what I did and that I do love you very much. I will try harder to be stronger and fight the little AIPTEK

Please forgive me my love.


Written by Mistress Jenna Horn/Bobby Jean/ Misty Waters  


Madame Jacqueline

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